The Cranberries – No Need To Argue (28 plays)

geez…even better.

The Cranberries – How (16 plays)

oldie but goodie.



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Sade – I Never Thought I'd See The Day (36 plays)

…i need a miracle

…its true.

(perhaps a homemade pina colada?)

Coldplay – Warning Sign (15 plays)

i miss you.  i don’t want to say your name.  this is me being selfless.  this is me letting you heal.  i hope you are healing so maybe tomorrow becomes sooner.  maybe suddenly will become sooner than we both think.  i miss you.  everything is gone in our home.  just me and nothing.  no barking.  no laughter.  no sun. no ramen.  just me.  me without you.  i’m sorry.  maybe we can say sorry together.  i have scars in and out as you do too.  i miss you.  maybe we can smile together, stay silent and remember why we are soulmates.  i miss you

(i won’t end with a period.  it seems so final)    


Drake – Sooner Than Later (93 plays)

…but please don’t move on, you don’t need no one else.